Do You Have A Business Idea? Aged 18 Years and Above? You Can Apply For Tony Elumelu Foundation Fund | Africa

With a $100,000,000 commitment through the Tony Elumelu Foundation, African business leader Tony O. Elumelu is empowering generations of African entrepreneurs over the next decade, to change the African business landscape as you know it.
Here’s what you need to know about The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme:

What is TEEP?

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme is the flagship entrepreneurship initiative of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist, Tony O. Elumelu, CON. The goal is to create 10,000 businesses that can generate 1,000,000 new jobs and contribute at least $10 billion in annual revenues to the African economy.

Who Can Apply?

The programme is open to all citizens (18 and above) and legal residents of all 54 African countries with businesses that operate in Africa.

ll applications must be submitted ONLINE through the TEEP PORTAL. Answer a series of mandatory questions and upload additional documents and identification materials. You will receive a confirmation email within 1 working day of submission.

Can I Reapply In Another Programme Cycle?

Yes. Our aim is to support as many entrepreneurs who are within or outside the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. That you have missed this chance with the TEEP 2017 does not hinder you from reapplying. We actually encourage you to sign up for newsletters, webinars, online training and other support materials we will send to those who join the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Network (TEEN).

How Does One Stay Connected To TEEP Even After Concluding The Programme?

Yes you can always contact us via

  • social media: #AfricanEntrepreneurs or #TEEP
  • All applicants will be notified to sign in to TEEN to begin to benefit from the vast materials that support entrepreneurs in Africa.

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