APPLY NOW!! CHINA Opens Application Portal For 500,000 Immigration Entry Level VISA Applications (2017-2020)

China plans to welcome 980,000 new immigrants over the next three years under an ambitious 3-year China immigration plan announced by the federal government today.

Annual immigration levels will rise to as high as 360,000 by 2020 under the multi-year plan.

Immigration Minister ‎Hsieh Li-kung described the announcement as ‘historic’, as the government outlines its plan for the next three years, featuring managed increases across all categories.

In 2018, the immigration target will rise to 310,000, from the current 300,000 set for 2017.


One of the hallmarks of the Chinese Immigration system, and Chinese Society as a whole is that we value prospective immigrants like you and your family. We bring hardworking people into our country and reward them with Chinese Permanent Residence (PR). A Chinese PR Card, which is similar to a US Green Card, allows the holder to live anywhere in China and work in any job they wish. It is also a gateway to Chinese Citizenship!

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